Company Story

Sisson Company was founded not as the result of foresight, but of pleasant circumstance. In 1958, the family of Joe and JoAnn Sisson, hoping to someday build a small cabin for rest and relaxation, purchased a one-half acre tract of land near Shallowford Bridge in the mountains of Georgia’s Fannin County.

By 1968 Joe, JoAnn, and their family were residing in Athens, Georgia, where Joe was pursuing graduate studies at the University of Georgia. Tiring of the confinement of student housing and the sight of imposing buildings in every direction, they decided that the time had come to build the cabin in the mountains they had envisioned ten years before. In a short time, Joe, JoAnn, Joe’s brother Jim and JoAnn’s mother and stepfather were busy building their rustic mountain getaway.

Once their cabin was completed, friends and acquaintances of the Sissons were soon joining them for visits to their new mountain home. Almost invariably, the visitors felt a great attraction to the area and would ask Joe and JoAnn to help them search for their own piece of land. Before long, the Sissons found themselves spending their spare time assisting in the erection of cabins on home sites they had helped to locate and purchase for friends.

One such friend, W.E. Griffin, from Valdosta, Georgia, having experienced locating a suitable tract for his planned vacation home, encouraged Joe and JoAnn to join him in the purchase of a 100 acre parcel in the Dial community of Fannin County. Their intent was to subdivide the land into lots of ideal size for weekend cabins.

The Dial property sold out quickly, but the business had just begun. Joe and JoAnn immediately started developing and selling home sites and cabins as a weekend-and-holiday endeavor. JoAnn spent weekdays doing bookkeeping and managing the business.

Over time, what had begun as an avocation gradually expanded to become an occupation. Joe, then a professor at Georgia State University, eventually resigned his post in order to give the business his complete attention.

When the family began focusing on the log home business as a full-time enterprise, much of the work was performed in what would by today’s standards be considered a primitive manner. Joe, Jim, and their children hand-peeled the outer layers of logs with draw-knives and axes. This labor-intensive method required time and considerable effort. Business growth soon mandated the establishment of a mill to produce the logs, beams and wood products needed for home construction.

Through the years, the mill expanded to become a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which produced a variety of quality building materials. In 1987, a subsidiary, Sisson, Dupont & Carder, Inc., was founded to oversee the milling, fabrication and home construction aspects of the operation.

From that first humble cabin in the shadow of Shallowford Bridge, Sisson Company has matured into a thriving business with sales around the country and around the world. Nevertheless, our focus remains on delivering the personal service only a conscientious family-operated business can provide.