Our Mountain Communities

Since our first ventures with W.E. Griffin back in 1968, developing distinctive mountain home communities has been an integral part of our business. Sisson Company offers an exceptional variety of prime north Georgia home sites. These may be found from remote locations near the rugged Cohutta and Rich Mountain wilderness areas to readily-accessible sites near the towns of Blue Ridge and Ellijay. We are not a real estate agency. Each parcel of land we sell is our own, selected, and developed with the best interests of our customers in mind.

Respect for Nature

The preservation of environmental quality is a top priority when we plan a residential development. We always encourage our prospective customers to take a leisurely drive through one of our communities. We would like all to witness the care we take to build each and every home in harmony with the natural surroundings.

It is our practice to replant vegetation that is displaced by road building, and to promptly hydro-seed areas of disturbed earth as a means to prevent erosion. Appropriate measure are taken to protect streams from silt.

No trees are felled during the preparation of a building site unless their removal is absolutely essential for the construction of a home. Our experienced crews take a careful, sensible approach to grading for the foundation and driveway, striving to tread lightly and limit disruption to the landscape. Upon completion of a home, all construction debris is removed from the site.

Of all the developers in this region, we stand virtually alone in our support of environmental protection legislation. Our philosophy is simple: This is our home, too, and we want to be certain that the beauty and environmental integrity of the area is maintained.