Log Packages


Simplified Utilities

Buying unimproved land can be a financially risky proposition if all potential cost factors are not identified prior to the purchase. Connecting utility lines, obtaining a potable water source, installing a septic system, grading a driveway and building site add up to a potentially significant expense. In many instances, the total cost of these items may exceed the price paid for the land.

Municipal  water systems are rare in north Georgia. Consequently, most residents obtain their water from private wells or springs, either of which can be troublesome and costly to maintain. That is why we build central water systems in each of our communities. Much like a municipal grid in design, these systems eliminate the cost and bother of maintaining individual wells and pumps.

The price of a Sisson Company home and land package includes a tap onto the water system, the installation of a septic tank, and electrical and telephone wiring to the home (power and telephone companies do levy a new account fee). Cable Television service is available at many home sites. It is important to remember – as some have discovered too late – that the cost of the above essentials are usually not included in the quoted price of rural land.

The price of a Sisson Company Home and Land Package includes a tap onto the water system, the installation of a septic tank, and electrical and telephone wiring to the home.

Extra Touches

Before our job is done, the driveway is graveled, plants native to the area are placed around the house and mulched with pine bark or pine straw, and a split rail accent fence is built. Each of these landscaping features are included in the package price of a Sisson Company home site and home.

Investment Safeguards

Each community we build is protected by common-sense environmental, architectural, and lot size covenants. For example, size and appearance standards govern the erection of new structures, the subdivision of lots is prohibited, and limits are placed on the removal of healthy, standing trees. These guidelines provide peace of mind while protecting the value of your investment.

Purchasing land where no such codes exist leaves you unprotected from neighboring activities which could prove detrimental to the value of your property.

If you have no plans to build in the immediate future, but wish to purchase a Sisson Company home site right away, you would be making a secure investment which will surely appreciate in value.

Beauty & Variety

Whether you are seeking a shady lot on a cool mountain stream, a high-country outpost affording majestic mountain vistas, or secluded wooded acreage, we are confident we can find just the right location for your weekend getaway or full-time home.

Shop around, obtain quotes for building site improvements, and compare true total costs. We believe you will find that Sisson Company offers the best land value in North Georgia.

Recreation & Relaxation

Sisson communities and the North Georgia area offer some of the most spectacular views in America. Any part of our lush acreage will give testimony to the relaxed lifestyle adopted by those who will find either a permanent or second home here. From the tranquility of just sitting in a rocker on the front porch to the excitement of negotiating a raft through thunderous whitewater, we have it all for you.

For a slower pace, sunlit mornings offer the perfect setting for that first cup of coffee. Enjoy the color and rhythms of the Appalachian mountains, the oldest on the continent. In the spring, rhododendrons, wild azaleas, and mountainsides clad in wild dogwoods will surpass your imagination. In summer the verdant greens of hardwood, spruce, and pine can have a relaxing effect on the most hardened workaholic. Some say autumn is the crowning jewel, when all the area is ablaze in every color of the spectrum.