Special Touches

The Door is Always Open

There is no limit to the special touches we can add to a Sisson Company home. Use our basic plans — and your imagination — to create a truly one-of-a-kind getaway. Custom kitchens, expanded decks and porches, stone walkways, whirlpool baths, oak floors, and fixed glass are just an example of the enticing extras which are available. It will be our pleasure to assist you in the selection of the perfect plan, materials, and optional features to suit your wishes.

Bark Siding

A log home invokes a carefree lifestyle. It is difficult to imagine someone in the market for a log home not expecting to “kick-back” a bit in a rustic setting that requires no fuss or bother. Log homes demand little of their owners. This should come as no surprise when one considers that there are standing log homes which have not been stained, sealed or painted in over one hundred years. If you are happy with the natural gray appearance of weathered wood, simply apply an occasional coating of water sealer or preservative, particularly in areas where the effects of extreme exposure are evident. Interior log walls left in their natural state require no maintenance whatsoever. A colored exterior finish should be renewed no more often than typical wood siding, and caulking requirements are generally consistent with a home of conventional construction.

Whether you plan to purchase a property and land package and let us do the work, or you plan to construct a log home on your own, you have numerous options from the “log package” to design your home. Whatever your choices, a casual lifestyle and carefree living are all but guaranteed. Go get out a good book, step out on the front porch, sit down in your favorite rocker, and

. . .  Make Yourself at Home.