All Sisson Company homes are designed for carefree, comfortable living. Over the years our standard homes have proven to surpass the requirements of our quality-conscious customers. We want you to have exactly the home you desire, at a price—and value—you’ll appreciate for years to come.

An itemized materials list for each of our standard plans is available upon request. We will be pleased to prepare an estimate for any materials you require to complete our Log Packages.


Our homes are built on a concrete block or poured wall and pier foundation with poured concrete footings, allowing a minimum 24-inch crawl space. All plumbing is contained within the enclosed area, and an access door is provided. A stone veneer on two exposed sides of the block foundation, or masonry “stucco” covering three sides, is standard. All support piers are 6×6-inch, pressure-treated timbers.

The plumbing layout of some plans necessitates a fully-enclosed foundation.

Optional full basements with a poured concrete slab floor may be built on suitable home sites.

Foundations are not included with our Log Package.

Termite Protection:

Building site soil is pre-treated to eradicate in-ground termite infestations. A metal flashing termite shield goes on top of block and poured foundations. All decks, deck supports, and first-floor framing plates are of treated lumber.

The above materials and extermination measures are not included in our Log Package.


Our standard logs are precision milled from white pine. All logs are priced according to thickness, and a hand-hewn finish is optional. We use only first-quality, kiln-dried logs, manufactured exclusively by our subsidiary, Sisson, Dupont & Carder, Inc.

Random-length logs are provided in our Log Packages. Notched and/or pre-cut logs are available as an option.


All main floors are framed with #2 or better 2×10-inch joists, placed on 16-inch centers. Our conventionally-framed homes and log home gables, dormers, and partition walls are framed with #2 or better 2×4-inch studs.

Most of our homes are of an “open” plan design, with exposed rafters and loft supports of 4×6-inch to 4×10-inch white pine beams. These beams are located on 24-inch centers, depending upon the plan. The roofing system is framed above the rafters with 2x8s.

Some plans utilize an enclosed truss roof system. This conventional framing is common in a typical home and is not illustrated on this site.

Decks and covered porches are framed with 2×8-inch pressure-treated lumber, on 16-inch centers. Ground supports are 6×6-inch treated posts, and 1×6-inch treated decking boards are used. Porch roof support posts and rafters typically match the beams employed indoors. A selection of standard porch and deck railing designs are offered.

Our Log Package includes no 2×4-inch, 2×8-inch, or pressure-treated lumber.


On framed exterior walls, 7/16-inch sheathing is used, covered with Tyvek® house wrap. Log siding is applied over this sheathing. However, other ­­types of siding are available.

Sheathing for gables or dormers is not included in our Log Package.


Our standard roofing is UL-listed, Class A 3-tab asphalt shingles, available in a choice of colors. Optional galvanized steel roofing—a “tin” roof—is available plain, or in an array of baked-enamel colors. Asphalt shingles are applied over 7/16-inch, 4×8-foot OSB decking sheets; galvanized steel over 7/16-inch. A rain gutter with downspout is provided along one side typically the uphill side of the home, and additional lengths are available.

Roofing materials are not available with our Log Package.

Windows and Doors:

A variety of standard exterior doors, including cross buck, French and raised panel, may be selected. Standard interior doors are pine raised-panel, but other types of doors are optional.

Wooden double-hung windows with energy-saving double panes are standard.

Custom windows, window screens, storm windows, screened doors and storm doors are optional.

Our Log Package does not include windows or doors.


Solid log walls are an efficient insulator and, more significantly, provide temperature-holding thermal mass, an attribute lacking in hollow walls, no matter how well insulated. Estimates rate the R-value of logs at greater than 2 per inch of thickness.

All standard roof systems are insulated to R-30.

Insulation is not provided with our Log Package.

Paneling and Drywall:

Interior ceilings, porch ceilings and partition walls are paneled with either 1×6-inch, 1×8-inch, or 1×12-inch V-grooved, tongue and groove white pine boards. Optional woods or drywall may be substituted in selected areas.

Interior wall paneling is not included in our Log Package. Porch and vaulted ceiling paneling is included.


Our standard finished flooring is 1×12-inch pine, installed over a sub-floor of 3/4-inch, 4×8-foot plywood decking. Other sub-flooring, finished flooring or floor coverings are optional. Loft floors are 2×6-inch tongue and groove pine, creating an exposed beam, V-grooved ceiling for the rooms below.

Log Packages include finished flooring only.


Electric, telephone, and water service connections, as well as a septic system, are included in the package price of a Sisson Company home site and home. Local utilities do require a nominal deposit.

Standard electrical service is 200 amperes. Ground-fault interruption (GFI) circuit breakers are used for kitchen, bath, bedroom, and exterior outlets. Grounded copper wire cable is used exclusively.

We offer a choice of standard plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Plumbing, wiring, and electrical fixtures are not included with Log Packages.

Heating and Cooling:

A 42-inch, firebrick-lined manufactured fireplace is standard in all homes. Freestanding, wood-burning stoves may be installed as an option. Both are vented by means of double, walled, air-cooled chimney systems. Interior stone and masonry work as appropriate for appearance and safety is included. Brickwork, custom, gas-fueled and multiple installations are optional.

Central heating and air conditioning systems standard in all plans, as are ceiling fans.

Fireplaces, chimney systems and hearthstone masonry are not included in our Log Package.


Log exteriors are finished with a clear sealer or penetrating stain, depending upon customer preference. Floors are stained as desired and coated with two coats of clear polyurethane. Interior walls receive one coat of clear polyurethane. Wall stains, paints, wall coverings, and other finishes are optional.

Custom built wooden cabinets and laminate kitchen countertops are standard.

Cabinets and wood finishes are not included with Log Packages.