Thank you for your interest in Sisson Company. We take great pride in being the oldest and largest log home builder in the state of Georgia, if not in the entire Southeast. The fact that we sell our products under our family name certainly makes a statement about our confidence in the consistent quality and outstanding service offered by our company.

A home is a substantial investment. While having quality work performed at competitive prices is a matter of great importance, it is equally important to know that the people with whom you are dealing have expertise, proven history, and a strong organization that will be around in the decades to come. Before signing a contract, ask yourself the question:¬† “Where will my builder be a year from now, should a problem arise?”

Sisson Company is not a dealership or franchise, but a vertically-integrated family business which handles everything from start to finish. Our office is situated on one of the most prominent sites on the Appalachian Highway. Almost every component of our homes is produce in-house, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and the finest raw materials. With our children as full-time partners and over one hundred dedicated employees, we manufacture hundreds of homes each year. Our reputation for honesty, professionalism, quality and service is unmatched in our industry.

Though our business has grown dramatically, one thing has not changed since we started Sisson Company back in 1968: We still regard each customer as a friend. Our goal is to provide a level of product integrity and friendly service that is second to none.

We hope this online plan book¬† will assist you in planning your own mountain getaway, and we invite you to “Make Yourself at Home” in the Georgia mountains.

— Joann and Joe Sisson