Going Green

Going “Green” and building eco friendly is more important than ever. More and more people are striving to create a lifestyle that is enviornmentally aware.The debate over climate change and global warming rages on, but no matter what your opinion we all agree the earth is a limited resource. These debates have forced the public to look at how we use our natural resources and provoked our society to buy responsibly and use renewable goods.

In the home industry manufacturers have been forced to offer “green”alternatives and eco friendly building products. Log Homes are the original ecofriendly and sustainable product. Sisson Company only buys from companies that are involved in reforestation programs that guarantee the replenishment of harvested forest. nothing goes to waste in our Log Home manufacturing process. Every portion of our log is used. The Bark and scrap ends make mulch, the log its self is used for demensional lumber and logs; the sawdust is used by farmers and many other industries for pet bedding. There is no portion of the tree unused.

Log Homes also offer help on your heating and cooling with the benefits of thermal mass. The mass of the wood timbers absorbs the heat in the home once it is heated and holds coolness once the home is cool. Unlike fiberglass insulation the R-value of white pine wood increases with rising and lowering temperatures.

An additional benefit with log  construction is that we greatly reduce the use of other products that may be toxic in your drywall, and insulation. People with allergies and other health problems can guarantee a healthier air quality in a natural material environment.

Log Homes were the answer to a sustainable solution given to us by our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Now with a new awareness for our environment and planet we can build as our families did centuries ago and build responsibly. Let the Sisson Company provide you with an eco friendly, green dwelling to make yourself and your family at home.