Trails & Pavilions in Our Communities

Griffin Thrasher Trail

Griffin Thrasher Trail Entrance


The Griffin-Thrasher Trail is a circular, winding three-mile path beginning and ending at the Lake Buckhorn Pavilion.  The trail parallels both Lake Buckhorn and several creeks:  Whitepath Creek, Jones Creek, and Boardtown Creek.  It also passes Key Creek and Bryant Creek.  Distance markers along the trail will keep hikers informed as to how far they have walked.


The first one and one-half miles of the trail wraps around Lake Buckhorn, two large trout streams and passes through a wildlife sanctuary.  This outstanding highlight has been perpetually preserved by the Georgia Land Convservancy.  Much of this area is wetland and a variety of flora and fauna can be found.  The last mile of the trail also offers frequent opportunities for citing deer, bear, wild turkey, bobcat ,and other smaller game.  There are primitive campsites on the river just below Lake Whitepath.  The recommended apparel for all seasons is long pants and non-skid tread bottomed shoes or boots.


The trail is 4 to 6 feet wide and consists mostly of a bare dirt tread way.  On steep or slippery areas, however, mulch has been added to give better traction.  Footbridges have been constructed to make the crossing of steams easier.  There are also sections that utilize the remains of old roadbeds.  The entire trail can be hiked in less than two hours.  There are no shelters.

Johnson Dam

When you have traveled the lenght of Lake Buckhorn (approximatley 1,000 feet) and strat down the incline, pause to look at the construction of the dam.  In the early 1900’s Thomas Edmonson Johnson hauled huge boulders and stone from the surrounding mountainside to create this structure. His only tools were handheld ones and the huge rocks were hauled on a horse drawn wagon. It is hard to imagine the work that went into the project.In the future a granite marker will be placed at this site to commemorate this feat.

View from Pavilion


We believe anyone who takes the time to hike this trail will be inspired by the wide diversityof natural and man-made landscape architecture.  Immediately after elaving the plaque com memorating the Griffins and Thrashers, one will be awed by the abundance of water including lakes, springs, branches, ponds, and cascading waterfalls.  You will pass mammoth rock outcroppings, old grwoth trees, cabins and split rail fences.  Your walk will take you through managed wildlife areas, past magnificent rhododendrons, montain laurel, flame azaleas, fern fields and wildflower plains including orchids and jack-in-the-pulpits.  At different seasons of the year you’ll be amazed by summer gold finches, pure blue skies, views of Rich and Cohutta Mountain ranges, winter snow, solitude and healing.  This is why you should take the time to enjoy the Griffin-Thrasher experience.

Benton MacKaye Trail /Appalachian Trail

Hiking the Benton MacKaye Trail

The CherryLog Mountain and Laurel Ridge communities boast a ridge of the Benton MacKaye Trail.  This Trail is part of the Appalachian Trail system and can be followed to the Appalachian Trail’s end in  Maine.  A trail shelter is located below the waterfalls on Indian Rock Lake.

The section that goes through the Sisson communties follows beautiful creek banks with a display of native flora and fauna, as well as mountain ridges which offer stunning panoramic views.   For more information on the Benton MacKaye Trail go to For information on Appalachian Trail go to

Creekside Pavilion and Chapel at Cherry Lake

The Creekside Pavilion located in the Cherry Lake Community is a perfect site for weddings, group picnics and outings. The pavilion offers seating for sixty five people, a full kitchen with refrigerator and stove, and  outdoors there is a barbeque pit for cooking. If you want to have an outdoor wedding a beautiful gazebo sits right on the creek.A Chapel is located a short distance from the pavilion in the Cherry Lake Community. Located just off Hwy 515 the Pavilion and Chapel are very easy to  access. For more information call the Sisson Company Office. 706-632-7000